20 September 2021

Meet Andy

Andy Hunt has recently joined the team here at Traffic Safety and Management, so we thought we’d start by asking him a few questions and learn more about what makes him tick, what’s a typical day for him, and what he has been enjoying most about working at TSM.
What is your role at TSM?
My role is Area Manager, which involves overseeing activities at a number of depots across my area.
What are your responsibilities at TSM?
To make sure all staff are managed correctly and understand fully what’s required of them, ensuring they operate to the highest standards of health and safety, follow best practice and are committed to a programme of continual improvement. I aim to build relationships with both clients and staff, ensuring we deliver streamlined, seamless traffic management solutions, and by doing so, expand the business.
What does a typical day look like for you?
I make sure the depots in my area operate to a very high standard and run a tight ship. This entails constant attention to detail, thinking ahead, anticipating and troubleshooting, ensuring we deliver timely solutions that achieve a meaningful outcome for our clients. I want to ensure we deliver over and above what’s required, which involves continually liaising with clients and TSM staff on every level, ensuring we respond quickly to any issues on the ground, whether we’re implementing High Speed or Street Works. 

What are your personal objectives?
I want to expand the business and build up TSM to be a market leader within the TM industry. As such, I ensure all our operatives work to the highest professional standards and deliver timely, holistic TM solutions that fully meet the requirements of the brief. I’m down-to-earth and straight-talking, pride myself on operating an open door policy and am committed to the well-being and ongoing professional development of all staff on my watch.
What do you enjoy most about your job?
I enjoy meeting new people and rising to new challenges, building trust and transparency in every area of our business and ensuring the smooth running of our depots. I aim to have a good working relationship with managers, workers and drivers, and I particularly enjoy seeing our people develop their skills over time.
What motivates you at work?
Good man-management is key to fulfilling the requirements of my job, and this is best achieved by instilling appreciation and respect and leading by example.
How would you describe yourself as an individual?
I would say I am firm but fair and always treat others how I wish to be treated.
In 3 words – sum up your job…..
Exciting, motivational & fulfilling