19 April 2021

Case Study: Via East Midlands - Highways TM

TSM has worked in partnership with Via East Midlands since this April 2019, providing traffic management services for all highways works.

The Contract

Via East Midlands specialises in the provision of sustainable highways services for Nottinghamshire and across the wider East Midlands region and has been owned by Nottingham County Council since April 2019.

TSM has worked in partnership with Via East Midlands since this time, providing traffic management services for all highways works, including resurfacing, footway, drainage, forestry and electrical across both 12A/B High Speed carriageway works and 12D Low Speed streetworks.


Technical & Delivery Support

CAD TM Design
With full National Highway Sector Scheme 12S/B and D accreditation, all key members of our team, whether backroom or on the ground, have the flexibility, expertise and capability to handle all types of work, whether carriageway or streetworks, and every requirement, ensuring we deal quickly and efficiently with every issue. Our in-house design team has full CAD capability, enabling us to optimise solutions across all work streams, from 2-way portable signals up to larger requirements, and ensure we stay abreast of latest guidance and industry practice.

Commenting on our capability, Via East Midlands says:

Via has consistently had a great relationship with TSM and this will continue as soon as new contracts are arranged. TSM provides great service on both normal and call-out works.

Customer Portal
We manage all work using our bespoke, paperless Customer Portal, a unique desktop and mobile IT CMS system that enables us to provide a complete end-to-end solution, from completion through to completion. Offering complete flexibility, the system gives clients the option to receive updates via email or directly through their own desktop login. Both options operate seamlessly from our central database, enabling information - including photos, dates, times and data - to be accessed quickly and easily.

Via East Midlands says:

The system has enabled us to gather relevant information, as required, enhancing our work capability without any issues.

On Site Delivery
Whether carrying out traffic management for framework, resurfacing, utility or other purposes, our remit is to coordinate roadworks across the county, minimise delays and impact on road users and ensure compliance with the New Roads and Streetworks Act (NRSWA).

With a strong local presence and dedicated on-site staff, we’ve been able to meet all Via’s tm requirements speedily and efficiently, including out-of-hours and call-out emergency works. Working to the highest industry standards and implementing the latest techniques, we have successfully reduced installation and removal times, enabling us to maximise working windows, eliminate carriageway crossings and significantly reduce risk to operatives.

Project Details

Title: Construction and maintenance TM
Client: Via East Midlands
Location: Nottinghamshire and East Midlands
Start date: April 2019 to present
Duration: Ongoing
Value: £100k – £500k (northern area)
Contract: TMC, Framework, resurfacing, utility and other
Type of work: 12 A/B High Speed and 12D Low Speed
Job requirement: TM for all highways works: resurfacing, footway, drainage, forestry & electrical