19 April 2021

Case Study: Winvic Construction - Hinckley

TSM worked with Winvic Construction Ltd on a recent roundabout construction and carriageway widening project.

The Contract

The project, valued at £290k, commenced on 5th July 2020, with a 31-week duration, and comprised the construction of the A5 Hinckley Roundabout, with carriageway widening. This involved closures at M69 Junction 1, Ring Management, A5 carriageway closures and diversions via Leicestershire/Warwickshire. More specifically, the project called for management and coordination of Hub 5 DPD incoming night time traffic during roundabout construction during overnight closures.


Technical & Delivery Support

CAD TM Design
Working to the highest standards and following Chapter 8 guidance, we successfully implemented all high speed 12A/B tm requirements, reducing installation and removal times, thereby maximising the working window and eliminating carriageway crossing, reducing risk to operatives. By establishing a strong, local presence, with dedicated contract staff, we were able to meet the project’s low speed 12D requirements quickly and efficiently, with fast response assured. All tm was planned by our in-house CAD design team, who provided solutions across all work streams, ensuring compliance with Chapter 8, New Roads and Streetworks Act (NRSWA) and general industry best practice.

A spokesperson for Winvic Construction commented:

TSM have offered expert advice, both operationally and commercially, when planning and delivering this scheme. The day and night time TM crews have been a great asset and have always come with great levels of experience. TSM continues to be our preferred choice when choosing the right TM contractor. They are helpful and supportive, and very quick to make changes required when instructed.

Customer Portal
All works were delivered via our bespoke Customer Portal, which comprises a unique desktop and mobile IT CMS system, providing an end-to-end solution, from quotation to completion. Offering total flexibility, the system gives the option of receiving emailed updates or direct access via the client’s own desktop login.

The client commented:

The TM crews provided excellent Daily Maintenance reports, which were accompanied by photographs and dates & times. This has been particularly helpful when dealing with road closures on the HE network.

Project Details

Title: A5 Hinckley Roundabout and Carriageway Widening
Client: Winvic Construction Ltd
Location: A5/M69 Junction 1, Leicestershire/Warwickshire
Start date: 5th July 2020
Duration: 31 weeks
Value: £290k
Contract: Framework
Type of work: 12A/B High Speed & 12D Low Speed
Job requirement: M69 Motorway and A5 carriageway closures, ring management, diversions, management of incoming night time traffic and overnight closures