06 August 2021

Keeping roadworkers safe at night

According to statistics from the Health & Safety Executive, being struck by a moving vehicle was the second most common cause for workplace fatalities between 2017-18, with the Construction sector accounting for the highest number of workplace fatalities each year.
With this in mind and to help reduce this risk, at Traffic Safety Management, we deploy a range of traffic management solutions that meet the latest safety and compliant terms, as stipulated by the New Roads and Streetworks Act and Chapter 8 incorporating the latest Interim Advice Notes.
As lockdown restrictions ease and we return to some degree of normality, our roads are getting increasingly busier, which means an increasing number of works are now being carried out at night again, when traffic is lighter. When it’s dark, however, visibility can be poor and specific precautions need to be followed.
Night traffic management
For a start, drivers may not see the work being carried out and the risk of collision with the site is higher. For this reason, at Traffic Safety Management, we deploy a wide range of measures based on pre site risk assessments and liaison with customer in relation to the work being carried out.  Solutions may involve road closures and diversions, intelligent portable signals, tower lights or use of VMS. We use a high visibility colour for cone bases and frames in addition to the required lamps and lighting, ensuring motorists can clearly see our equipment.

Night worker PPE
As part of our risk assessment, we stipulate the PPE that workers will require for the job. For night work, all workers should have:

  • Head torches
  • High vis clothing with reflective stripes that complies with EU and UK specification BS EN 471, as required by law and Chapter 8
  • Hard hats
  • Thick gloves and barrier creams
  • Foot protection, such as steel toe-capped boots
  • Eye protection

Full training
We are committed to providing ongoing training and development for all our teams to ensure they are conversant with the latest health and safety requirements. This includes working at night: how to operate equipment, the necessary clothing and PPE to wear, staying visible, checking for and awareness of the hazards on site. We also carry out regular checks on clothing and equipment to ensure they meet the required safety standards and that any damage is repaired before further use.
By taking this vigilant approach, conducting regular training and maintaining the highest safety standards, TSM has an exemplary safety record, without any reported incidents since we were formed in 2000.
As night working takes on an increasingly important role now the economy is opening up, so we are stepping up training and quality checks, making sure we keep up with our responsibilities and that our traffic management solutions comply with the highest standards and ensure the safety of our workers and other road users alike.
For further information on how TSM’s expertise can help with your traffic management requirements, please call us on 01564 700241or email us at enquiries@tsmltd.co.uk