20 May 2021

Lockdown is easing, but are you TM ready for your outdoor event?

The latest phase of lockdown easing has seen many restrictions lifted, which is great news for the hospitality and event industries, and means, once again, we can look forward to a variety of outdoor events taking place, including festivals, concerts, sports events and outdoor organised activities.
Given the constraints of the last year, things can’t change soon enough, but post-Covid things are likely to be very different, with health and safety guidelines in place, new safety requirements and attendees possibly nervous about venturing out amongst large numbers.
Organisers will need to take into consideration new guidelines regarding such factors as attendee registration, ticket validation, marshalling and the need to provide real time information. At every step, the highest levels of hygiene and safety will need to be followed, with attendee health & safety the number one priority.
For TSM, easing of restrictions is fantastic news and we can’t wait for the events and hospitality industry to get back on its feet. We’ve been providing Traffic Management services for event organisers for many years, and have extensive experience in this area, ensuring we’re fully geared up to manage all your traffic management requirements as we emerge into a new and uncertain world.

A TM Event Plan
Whatever the event, large or small, we’ll tailor our TM services to suit and work with you to implement the optimum solution. Drawing on the expertise of our CAD designers to assist with TM planning, we’ll produce a full and easily understandable plan that depicts traffic flow, pedestrian movement, portable traffic signals and pedestrian crossings, signages and road closures.

We can provide qualified crews for low and high speed installations by a NHSS12A/B & D certified company and assist with such requirements as Statutory Paperwork, temporary walkways, specialist barriers, delineation products, matting, fencing, admission control, road closures, traffic cones, standard and special signage and parking. Throughout, we’ll provide full technical advice and support, and carry out full risk assessments.

New portable traffic signals
If you require portable signals to manage traffic flow, we’ve just invested in two new systems ideal for use at events with sudden surges in traffic flow. Our Hollco RC2 signals and SRL signals can be used in place of manual control, from two-way up to 4 way multi-phase set-ups, adjusting automatically to tidal flows in traffic. For more complex requirements we can design and deploy portable and temporary systems which will cater for most situations.

Our new intelligent portable signals provide exceptional reliability. If you wish, portable signal sites can be linked to CCTV, providing a desktop view via PC or Smartphone for remote viewing, and enabling incursion zones to be created with an alert when breached. This is also ideal for securing sites out of hours and managing closure points. We’ll apply on your behalf for Temporary Traffic Light Permits and Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs).

Complete TM service
From planning through to completion, we provide a comprehensive TM service to meet your every need, from signage through to equipment hire and installation, drawing on data capture to provide you with a full analysis of pedestrian footfall, traffic flow and peak flows.
All our operatives are fully trained to National Highway Sector Scheme 12A/B & D standards and have the operational expertise and experience in event traffic management to handle any situation, backed by dedicated office and field resources, who are radio-linked, uniformed and able to deal quickly with any issues.
To find out how TSM’s expertise can help you ensure your outdoor event is TM ready, call us on 01564 700241 or email us at enquiries@tsmltd.co.uk