10 August 2021

Meet Frank

Frank is a long-standing employee at Traffic Safety & Management who works as a LANTRA qualified operative.
We thought we’d get to know Frank a bit more, find out what his job entails, what a typical day is like for him and what he enjoys most about his role at TSM.
When did you start at TSM?
What is your role at TSM?
Street works operative, currently focused on the new Western Power Distribution contract.
What does a typical day look like for you?
I'll set up a site first and then head back to the depot to reload my van, ready for the next call out. Once I'm sure the equipment is prepared to go out, I'll assist with other tasks at the depot until being called for further Traffic Management (TM) to be installed, maintained or removed.
What are your responsibilities at TSM?

  • Maintain my vehicle and ensure correctly loaded for TM installations
  • Install/maintain and remove traffic and pedestrian management to a good standard and in line with method statements and risk assessments
  • Assess every job and gain approval for any changes required from my line manager
  • Log all work carried out with pictures to the online company portal
  • Ensuring traffic light batteries are charged up and switched as required
  • Customising new call out vehicles to make them easier to work from

What are your personal objectives and goals?
My main focus is to take each task as it comes and perform my role to the required health & safety standards.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Every day is different. I can go from installing lane closures on motorways to leading convoys through works. I was once tasked with communicating with a harbour master to ensure it's safe to lift a bridge!.
What motivates you at work?
Professional pride - Everything should be done to the best possible standards.
In 3 words – sum up your job?
Relaxed, varied, rewarding
Why do you enjoy working at TSM?
The team at TSM are supportive. I have very little oversight but always have the support of my line manager when needed. Also, being able to access and prepare for pre-planned works several days ahead of time is ideal. Having a vehicle assigned to me, combined with prior notice of works, means I can go straight from home to site, knowing I am fully equipped and ready to start the job.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Largely where I am now, although, with recent developments, I wouldn't be surprised if I were soon put through my M6 and promoted to a supervisory role.
Any funny stories you can share?
2 men, 2 vans to meet near-site, and 2nd van called to find where he's meeting me. At that point, he noticed there are 2 locations with the same road name and the same town name. Locations are 3hrs apart, and he'd gone to the wrong one. Fortunately, workers wouldn't be on-site until later, and 2nd van was able to arrive on-site before the workforce.