02 September 2021

Meet Leigh

Say Hi to Leigh - otherwise known as Taffy because of his Welsh routes, and with two Leighs already at TSM, it will be a nickname we’ll be using to avoid confusion!
Leigh has just joined Traffic Safety & Management having previously worked at another Traffic Management company. Once trained Leigh will be a Coordinator, working as part of the southern operational team on allocated accounts. He’ll also be dealing with HA applications and approvals.
Where have you moved from?
My previous role was at Hamble Sports Complex as The Site Safety Co-ordinator, Duty Manager and Swimming Teacher. Prior to that, I worked at Amber-RTM, a TM company based in London. Unfortunately, the daily commute became too much, and I wanted to work somewhere more local so came out of the industry for a while.
Why did you join TSM?
To bring my previous experience within the TM industry at Amber RTM.  I had a real insight into the overall business functions, creating a TM set-up, invoicing, CAD drawings, approvals etc. This, along with other areas of expertise I have gained in other roles outside of TM.
What attracted you to the role?  
TSM has all the attributes I feel I need to progress further in my career. Plus, I was impressed with their cloud-based portal and the ability to move with the customers from start to finish on jobs. It felt like the opportunity to be part of something big and exciting.

What experience have you brought to your role?
Liaising with the council and customers to ensure applications are processed. I was also involved in general admin and day to day functions such as quotes, booking works, H&S and anything else that cropped up!
What is your role and responsibilities?
It's a bit of a dual role to start with, assisting with several accounts, dealing with HA applications, general admin relating to work, coordination, and potentially a bit of planning.
Tell us about yourself.
Outside of work, I’m married to my wife Sarah, whom I met in 2004 whilst at University. I worked at Walt Disney World in Florida at Epcot as a cultural representative learning new ways of working in a world-renowned company. Upon returning to Swansea to complete my degree in leisure management, I then moved to Southampton, got married and in 2015, we welcomed our first arrival of our son Dexter. In March 2020, we welcomed our second son Rudy to the world. I love spending time with my family going on walks, bike rides and taking them swimming. When I get a few minutes to myself, I enjoy watching movies, being a big film buff and watching rugby and football.
My ambition to be successful pushes me to do my best for those I work for and be proud of what I have accomplished. I pride myself on being reliable and wanting to go that extra mile wherever I go.