27 May 2021

New portable signals to cope with heavy traffic flow

Lockdown measures are easing and life is getting back to normal, which means our roads are set to get busier. Many of those returning to work choosing to travel by car rather than public transport, and it is estimated that traffic flow could even reach higher than pre-pandemic levels.

With this in mind and the need to keep traffic flowing, we have invested in the latest portable traffic signals for use with road works: Hollco RC2 (tripod and standard) signals with AutoGreen technology, and SRL signals equipped with an Adaptive Detection System (ADS).

Both systems are designed to better cope with heavy traffic and are extremely efficient in improving traffic throughput, reducing congestion and lowering emission levels. They can be used in place of standard portable signals and, with permission from the Highways Authority, can replace manual control on many sites.

Intelligent versus manual control
Both our new systems use advanced forms of Vehicle Actuation with improved radar technology and algorithms, so they react to traffic flow and congestion in a far more intelligent way than standard portable signals. This new breed of intelligent signals offers many benefits over manual control, including:

  • Removing operative from the roadside, thereby improving health & safety on site
  • Efficient traffic throughput 24/7 (rather than manual control which is often specified for peak-times only)
  • Reduced costs
  • Traffic flows controlled by intelligent algorithms providing consistency and the most efficient timings, as opposed to individual interpretation of the situation 
  • Better reliability than ever before.

In addition to intelligent signals, there are now options to use CCTV to monitor traffic flows and desktop views of portable signals.

This all adds up to provide a better way to manage roadworks, without the need to place operatives at the roadside, where they are often subject to abuse and endure adverse weather conditions - whilst saving money, reducing congestion and improving public perception by keeping traffic moving.

Specialist advice
As well as the latest portable and temporary signal technology, we can provide qualified technical advice (NHSS 12A/B & D), delivering the most effective solution to maintain traffic and pedestrian movement, create safe working zones and separate the public from works, whether we are dealing with a small utility site, inner city scheme or high speed project.

To find out how TSM’s expertise can help you with your traffic management requirements, call us on 01564 700241 or email us at enquiries@tsmltd.co.uk