06 April 2021

Case Study: Via East Midlands - Nottingham TMC

Traffic Safety & Management have been supporting the Nottingham County Council Term Maintenance Contract since 2013.

The Contract

The Nottingham County Council Term Maintenance Contract (TMC) is typical of other similar city and council contracts with cyclical works for their maintenance activities such as gully emptying, street cleansing and street lighting and packages of work relating to patching and surfacing, maintaining or repairing the existing network, plus schemes for new junctions and other highway improvement works.


Technical & Delivery Support

CAD TM Design
Traffic Safety & Management Ltd (TSM) offer a quick turnaround TM design service to the contract for all the different work streams. From 2 way portable signals through to larger urban schemes, TSM have been able to use their technical ability to support Via East Midlands, producing quality layouts, maximising working windows and ensuring compliance with Chapter 8, New Roads and Streetworks Act (NRSWA), the latest Interim Advice Notes (IAN) and general industry best practice. This has been delivered through our in-house design team supported by local contract staff.

Customer Portal
TSM deliver all works to this and other contacts through their bespoke in-house customer portal. A unique desktop and mobile IT CMS system providing an end-to end solution, from quotation through to completion.

The system provides a flexible approach with the option to either be accessed directly by the customer, or to email information directly from the CMS. In this way TSM have been able to offer a service Case Study: Via East Midlands - Nottingham TMC to the contract that meets the requirements of contacts who prefer open access to our system via their own desktop login, whilst also satisfying the more traditional user who prefers email updates.

Both operate seamlessly from a central database for all activity which allows information to be accessed quickly and easily.

On Site Delivery

12D & Streetworks
As with any contract of this nature servicing a local authority works, a large proportion of the jobs are low speed, 12D streetworks type activities. By establishing a strong local presence within the county, a local depot and dedicated contract staff, TSM has been able to deliver across all TM requirements within the contract. This ranges from out of-hours and call-out emergency works, reacting within the 2 hour window to ensure attendance on site, through to the larger planned scheme work and day-to-day crews.

12A/B Works
High speed TM activity is predominantly dual carriageway works, installed to the latest Chapter 8 guidance. TSM have reduced installation and removal times by adopting the highest standards and latest techniques with off-side sign removal. In addition to increasing the working window, this eliminates carriageway crossings drastically reduce the risk to our operatives. TSM monitor any new guidance to ensure we stay abreast of change and inform the customer through their Traffic Management Contractors Association (TMCA) membership guidance document updates.

Price & Service

Over the 8 years TSM have been involved with the contract the procurement process has evolved and changed with each renewal and tender win. Initially a split between an agreed schedule of rates for maintenance activity and priced scheme work, to a newer competitive tender for all works contract. Despite the change TSM have maintained a consistent level of revenue both as the primary supplier and now one of 5, demonstrating our competitiveness and the holistic view taken on TMC/Framework contracts.

As with all contracts, consistent high-quality service and delivery has been key in maintaining our relationship with both our customers and The Client. Dedicated contract resource, both in the office and field, have given Via East Midlands confidence in our ability to deliver consistently and deal with any issues that arise effectively. TSM’s multi-ticketed operatives help support the flexibility that’s required to satisfy the different types of work. TSM and its operatives are accredited and trained National Highway Sector Scheme 12A/B & D.Association (TMCA) membership guidance document updates.