15 December 2021

Proud to support the local community, from a small festival to a large parade

TSM actively supports the local community and is proud to do so, whether we are arranging traffic or pedestrian management, liaising with Highways Authorities or installing signage. Whether the events are large or small, we have one major priority: ensuring the safety of all concerned through effective people and traffic management.
Light Night Worcester 21

We recently had the pleasure of assisting in the delivery of traffic and pedestrian management for Light Night Worcester 2021, a 3-day festival in Worcester City Centre, featuring four large-scale projection-based artworks and various performances that lit up the surrounding streets. This involved supplying and installing a combination of advanced, special and standard signs, along with pedestrian management, to ensure the safe movement of attendees. This is a relatively small event that occurs every year, and it was a great to be involved, supporting the local community.
Coventry City of Culture

As a preferred supplier for Coventry City of Culture 2021, we recently supported the Coventry City of Culture Trust on two key parades during this important year of celebration; The Walk and Abundance Parade.
Both events required extensive planning and support concerning the logistics of traffic and pedestrian management, with considerable time spent on calls, video calls and site visits to ensure we had a good understanding of the requirements. As a result, we delivered TM plans that reflected the complex logistics required to ensure the safe passage of the parade through busy streets temporarily closed under a phased set-up with marshals strategically positioned throughout the route, switching to new positions as the parade cleared each area.

Part of TSM’s service provision includes liaising with Highways Authorities to attain approvals for portable signals, TTRO’s and other applications. Whilst approvals for City of Culture events were taken out of the normal approval process; we were able to support the organisers by clarifying issues quickly through our direct links with the relevant authority.
Our service included the supply and installation of advance signs, VMS units and the manufacture of numerous special signs, all manufactured in-house. With over 20 staff on-site on the day, we were able to direct those attending the event and assist residents requiring access, successfully managing the logistics of traffic and pedestrian management, and ensuring the streets were efficiently cleared.
Three days before the Abundance Parade, we were informed that a cycling event, also linked with the Coventry City of Culture, intended joining the main parade. This was a late development and required a quick turnaround of TM plans, with additional staff for the weekend, enabling us to shut down two junctions as the cyclist came through. Thanks to TSM’s depth of resources, both in the office and in the field, we met this extra requirement and received complimentary feedback from all concerned.
For more information on how TSM can help you plan a successful event, whether large or small, supporting you with temporary traffic and pedestrian management, along with signage and permission from the relevant authorities, please contact us on 01564 700241 or email enquiries@tsmltd.co.uk