06 December 2021

The brave new world of smart traffic management…

Installing smart traffic management systems has previously been cost-prohibitive, but now, with the development of 4G and 5G technologies, the costs are falling and installing a smart traffic infrastructure is becoming a reality.
Faster, cheaper and easier to deploy, there is no longer a requirement to obtain building permits to set up internet cables or wired sensor connections, which is time-consuming and expensive. All that’s necessary is an electric connection and a roadside location to house the system, which is easier to arrange, with a mobile connection forming the linchpin of its success.
We all know the problems plaguing our streets and highways: traffic slowdowns and debilitating congestion causing increased air pollution, driver frustration, delivery delays and lost productivity – all contributing to a diminished quality of life.
Smart traffic management systems aim to optimise traffic flow and improve safety through a combination of hardware, software and cloud solutions that incorporate the latest advances in technology. Sensors, cameras, routers and cellular technology can all be utilised to dynamically adjust control mechanisms such as traffic lights, freeway on-ramp meters, bus rapid transit lanes, highway message boards and even speed limits.
TSM - committed to smart technology

Committed to progress and innovation, TMS wholeheartedly embraces smart technology as the way forward in traffic management and is at the forefront of the industry, leading the way in the digital revolution. For a start, we were the first traffic management company in the UK to achieve ISO9001:2105 for our cloud-based, paperless system.
We have also designed and developed a revolutionary real-time Customer Portal, powered by WorkBase, providing a fully integrated management solution that delivers game-changing benefits. Operating through our online portal and accessed by computer, laptop or Smartphone, it enables users to work remotely - viewing, sharing and analysing real time updates quickly, from anywhere at any time. Providing end-to-end project control in a cost-efficient and proactive way, the system acts as an extension of a client’s operational workforce, ensuring quality measures, customer commitments and road user safety are fully maintained.

Intelligent traffic signals

In addition, we have invested in a new breed of intelligent portable traffic signals for use with roadworks and infrastructure changes: Holco RC2 (tripod and standard) signals with AutoGreen technology and SRL signals equipped with an Adaptive Detection System (ADS). Both systems use advanced forms of Vehicle Actuation with improved radar technology and algorithms that react to traffic flow and congestion intelligently, ensuring efficient traffic throughput 24/7, with reduced costs, greater consistency and better reliability than ever before. With no requirement for roadside operatives, health and safety are also improved.

Intelligent signals are just one of a portfolio of the latest smart products TSM can supply designed to improve safety, performance and reduce our environmental impact. We are constantly monitoring the market and the latest product developments with a keen eye on any that can reduce carbon emissions by removing operatives from the site and the number of vehicles we use.
A smart new world

We’re living in a time when the technologies of the future are becoming a reality, bringing with them huge benefits in terms of cost-savings, safety, efficiency and convenience. Not only can solutions be deployed on a small scale within a few hours to manage immediate problems quickly and effectively, smart technology also forms part of a longer term vision. A 5G world full of sensors linked to a mobile network will make it easier and quicker to implement effective tm solutions, and smart solutions will be increasingly faster, cheaper, safer and more effective to deploy.

Soon, Smart Traffic Management Systems will make it possible to increase the capacity of city streets without actually adding new roads. With the advent of Connected Automated Vehicle (CAV) technology, these systems will be able to directly control vehicles when needed: breaking them at intersections, for example, to prevent accidents with pedestrians or other vehicles. In fact, Smart Cities are already beginning to deploy these systems in order to be prepared when (CAV) technology is fully tested and deployed.
Here at TSM, we are excited about the future and fully committed to the new possibilities provided by smart traffic management. To find out how our expertise can help with your traffic management requirements, please either call us on 01564 700241 or email us at: enquiries@tsmltd.co.uk


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