02 June 2021

TSM’s 24-hour service is geared up to meet ‘out of hours’ permits

As shops, public buildings, hospitality venues and workplaces open up and we come out of lockdown, so traffic flow is increasing. This means that jobs which could previously take place in the day time are now being refused and only out of hours permits granted. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem for Traffic Safety Management (TSM), as we operate on a 24-hour basis, with the capability to provide a traffic solution day or night.
Such a scenario occurred recently when our planning department applied for a permit to supply Traffic Management (TM) to facilitate emergency works at a location in Brighton & Hove. A damaged frame and cover in the carriageway needed replacing at a busy four-way junction located at Dyke Road Avenue and Dyke Road Place in Hove. As per usual, we applied for a permit before the work was due to take place, but found the request was refused.
The Authority informed us that works needed to be undertaken on a weekday after 19.00 hours, as vehicle traffic was too busy at weekends and during peak weekday hours for multiway lights. They also stipulated that all noisy works should be completed by 21.00 hours.

As a TM specialist providing traffic solutions 24/7, we were able to take this request in our stride and provide a TM solution within the required time frame, for which we were granted a permit. It’s a scenario that is occurring more frequently, calling for greater flexibility when arranging and managing works, particularly emergency requirements and, luckily, one we are totally geared up to meet, with the ability to provide the optimum TM solution on a 24-hour basis.

Whatever the job, day or night, we pride ourselves on offering total TM capability, with the capacity and scale to meet all requirements, from two-way portable signals up to larger urban schemes. Whether the need is for low speed 12D streetworks or high speed 12AB works, our experienced CAD designers provide a quick turnaround TM design service for all types of workstream, maximising working windows and following industry best practice, with full regulatory compliance.
Working collaboratively with the relevant bodies, Highways Authorities and the Highways Agency, we deliver efficient, seamless TM solutions that ensure the highest levels of health and safety, drawing on the latest technology to ensure every last detail is carefully thought through and monitored, ensuring the scheme runs as smoothly as possible.
To find out how TSM’s expertise can help you with your traffic management requirements, call us on 01564 700241 or email us at enquiries@tsmltd.co.uk